Beating Trump’s nominee would seal Democrats’ doom in November

Trump should nominate the most hard core, doctrinaire candidate he can find on the Federalist Society list, and then dare the Democrats to defeat him.  For if they do, they guarantee a blue wave in November.

Dick Nixon pulled this stunt on the Democrats with his first Supreme Court nomination in August of 1969.  He needed to fill the seat vacated by liberal activist Abe Fortas, and he selected the most hard ass unreconstructed Southerner he could find  —  Clement Haynsworth of South Carolina.

The Democrats tore Haynsworth a new one, and in the process alienated conservative whites all over the South.  They beat him 45-55, but that didn’t stop Tricky Dick.  He went ahead and nominated an even more unacceptable Southerner, Harold Carswell in January of 1970.   Poor Harold went down in April, 45-51.

In November of 1970 the Democrats paid the price, and Tricky Dick’s gambit paid off.  Southern Democrats Al Gore Sr. of Tennessee and Joseph Tydings of Maryland were defeated, and the Republicans gained two seats in the Senate.   Thank you, Clement and Harold.

If the D’s defeat the nominee, it’s the number one issue in the Senate races across the country.  If D Senators from ND, MT, IN, WV etc. have voted against the nominee, they’re toast.

So it won’t happen.  Unless the D’s decide to drink a whole can of stupid.

Babbie and I will be in Montana in a few weeks, and I hope to get a chance to talk to the people running Rosendale’s campaign for the Senate.  I’ve got a little info to share.

This is Rosendale’s race to lose.  If he has an even a moderately well run campaign he should win.  My son Darren can’t stand Tester, and will be helping out, as will son Brendan.  The election is only about four months away.  Where I’m standing it looks like clear sailing.


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