Trump will lay a can of whoop ass on Tester

Rallies on June 21st in Duluth, June 27 in Fargo, and now July 5th in Great Falls, Montana.  You can’t get much further north.  Trump does well in the colder climes.

I am very pleased to report that son Darren, daughter in law Colleen,  and grandson Hawksley have met Senate candidate Matt Rosendale, and have agreed to help out on his campaign.  Apparently they’ll be accompanying him at the opening parade of the Livingston Roundup Rodeo tomorrow.  And they will be going to Great Falls on Wednesday evening to help prepare for the next day’s Trump rally.

The Tester-Rosendale race will be a good introduction to politics.  There’s nothing like being closely involved in a big state wide political contest.  It gets the blood flowing.  And after Rosendale wins, it’s always good to have a friend in the United States Senate.

Tester’s toast.

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