How to take Tester down, and out

Montana Senator Jon Tester’s campaign for reelection is based on a lie.  He says his opponent, Matt Rosendale, favors the transfer of public lands in Montana from the federal to the state government.  That’s not true.  Rosendale opposes any such transfer.

Such a transfer is opposed by a majority of Montanans, Montana sportsmen in particular.  They think the politicians in charge of the state of Montana would sell such public lands, and the new, private owner would then exclude the public from them.  Vast tracts of Montana fishing and hunting areas are currently controlled by large out of state owners, such as Ted Turner.  This is resented.

For any such Transfer of Public Lands (TPL) to take place, Presidential approval would be required, through the President’s appointee, the Secretary of the Interior.  President Trump will never allow such a transfer to take place.  As a candidate in January of 2016 he told Field and Stream magazine that he opposed TPL.   It was a position he stood by throughout the campaign, even though it cost him Alaska, Wyoming and Idaho.  (Cruz supported TPL, and won these states because of it.)

So when he gets up in front of the crowd tomorrow afternoon in Great Falls, the President needs to expose Tester’s Big Lie.  There’s not going to be any transfer of public lands in Montana.  Trump won’t allow it, and what’s more Rosendale would fight any such effort tooth and nail.

Tester knows this of course.  But this line of attack against Rosendale is all he’s got.  He’s got no accomplishments to speak of, no legislation he’s sponsored, no reason to be reelected.  He’s got nothing, except a record of obstruction against every initiative which President Trump is launching to make America great again.

All he’s got is Tester’s Big Lie.



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