Trump’s second Montana rally

President Trump didn’t discuss Tester’s Big Lie about the Transfer of Public Lands at yesterday’s rally.   I was disappointed, since I think it’s a perfect line of attack on Tester.  But after Rosendale finished his remarks Trump told him that he’d be back.  There will be another Trump rally this year in Montana.  Trump gave Rosendale that promise.

In the mean time, Tester will continue to attack Rosendale, with the Big Lie that Rosendale wants to have public lands transferred to the state.  I’m not in Montana, and haven’t seen the ads, but my son Darren says they’re all over the place.

As long as Tester pursues this line, it’s better to let him go unmolested.  The longer he keeps it up, the worse it will be for him when it’s exposed as a Big Lie.  The time for Trump to attack Tester on the Big Lie will be at the second rally.

I think Trump is playing a similar game with Mueller/Rosenstein, the FBI and the Justice Department.  They can’t touch him.  He has nothing to fear from them.  And the longer this whole Special Prosecutor-Russia-Collusion-Witch Hunt plays out, the more pissed off people are.  Not against Trump.  Against the media and everyone else who keeps ragging this story along.  Enough!

So when Trump does lower the boom on this crew, he’ll have the people behind him.  We’re already sick of them, and it’s only going to get worse.  So my guess is Trump starts the new year by firing the lot of them, from Sessions on down.

I keep wondering, what is going to happen between now and November which is going to help the Democrats?  The Mueller Report?  But there’s noting there.  What else?  The economy tanks in a trade war?  Never going to happen.

What will happen is Trump getting his second Supreme Court appointment.  I would argue this is the most important appointment in over 80 years.  Constitutional liberals have controlled the court since the 1930’s.  This appointment means constitutional conservatives will, at long last, have their majority.

The economy will keep humming, and foreign policy progress is likely with the Norks, the Russians, and in the Middle East.

So the Democrats are screwed, and will be for a long time.  Because peace and prosperity are what the Republicans are delivering, and as long as that lasts the Democrats are in the minority.

Once they understand they’re in the minority in this country, they can do what conservatives did back in the 1950’s.  We were in the minority back then, and we knew it.  But we knew we were right.

We all knew Barry Goldwater wouldn’t win in 1964.   But he ran to take over the GOP for conservatives, and to set a marker for others to follow in the future.  Which is exactly what Reagan did sixteen years later.

So the Democrats will have plenty of time to ponder how to get back in the good graces of American voters.  As members of a political minority, perhaps they’ll see the merits of federalism.  Federalism is, after all, the refuge and the protector of political minorities.

Who knows, they might even see the merits of Article V.


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