Eagles and bears don’t fight

The left is worried about Trump’s private meeting with Trump, which will have no official record.

I think Trump wants Putin’s help, or at least acquiescence, in overthrowing the mullahs in Iran.  Islamic terror is more of a threat to Russia than to us.  Putin has a huge and growing Muslim population.  Iran is a Muslim terrorist sponsor.  This deal is in his interest.

In exchange, Putin will want, at least, recognition of Crimea as Russian territory.  It’s always been more Russian than Ukranian, so this isn’t that big of a deal.

If Trump is able to cut a deal, we’ll begin to see some distance between Russia and Iran.  If we do get regime change in Iran, the world will be better off.  Including, especially, the Russians.

China is our geopolitical rival, not Russia.  The Chinese appear to be telling the Norks to back off from any new relationship with us.  North Korea is a client state of the Chinese.  They don’t want us getting between them and  the Norks.  If they do kill our deal with the Norks, they’re asking for trouble, and I expect they’ll get it.

Dumb Dickie Durbin says it’s more important to block Trump’s nominee than to win a Senate majority.  Can he really be that dim witted?

If red state Democrat Senators vote against the nominee, the D’s will not win the Senate.  They will lose members, and Trump can simply renominate the defeated candidate.  With the extra Republican votes from the 2018 election, the Senate can confirm first thing in 2019.

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