Repeal Roe, and revive the Republican Party in California

I’ve lived in California for 40 years.  Both of my diplomas from the University bear Governor Ronald Reagan’s signature.  I’ve studied California politics since I was in high school.  For the first time in 20 years, I see hope.

There is one issue which has made Republicans unelectable here:  abortion.   Before Roe v. Wade, Republicans had a chance.  But once every vote for a Republican became a vote to overturn Roe, the Republicans no longer had a prayer.  Since Republicans became the anti-abortion party, California women  —  liberal and conservative  —  will not vote for them.

After Roe, the Moral Majority was formed, and became the new core Republican vote.  People in California were appalled by Jerry Falwell and the other Bible thumpers who joined the Republicans.  And that was all about abortion, and Roe v. Wade.

Some one in California needs to start an initiative campaign to put a pro-choice plank in the California Constitution.  Once Roe is overturned, each state will have its own abortion law.  California will already have one, in the Constitution.

Once Roe is overturned, abortion is no longer a live political issue in California.  California will have the most liberal abortion law in the country.  It will be settled law, and no longer a political issue.

And with abortion off the table (and the Moral Majority with it) the Republicans can compete in California.  During the decades of their one party rule, the Democrats have become hostages to their extreme left.  A no nonsense Republican will have a chance.



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