Making Trump rallies great again

Here’s the idea.  Have some of the people in the #Walkaway movement appear as guests at his rallies.  This article in American Greatness tells some of their stories.  They’re political gold, and Trump needs to take advantage of them.

#Walkaway was started by a gay New York hairdresser, and thoughtful and well spoken young blacks, gays and women are its principle spokesmen.  Once thoroughly brainwashed Dems, they have all come to realize that they’ve been fed a pack of lies by the media that they trusted.  They now can appreciate the good that Trump is doing for his country that they love, and realize that the Deplorables that they’ve been told to fear as racist, sexist homophobes are a figment of the media’s imagination.  They meet Trump supporters, and are amazed at how nice and tolerant they are.

Sacrebleu!  The Deplorables and the #Walkaways must meet, and embrace, publicly.  Where else but at a Trump rally, with the Great Impresario conducting the proceedings?

I’ve been blacklisted by Facebook, and I’m sure it’s had an impact on readership.  So I’m not posting much lately.  Politically, I don’t have much to say beyond what you hear on The Lou Dobbs Show on Fox Business.

This fight isn’t between Trump and the Mueller/Rosenstein/FBI/DoJ cabal.  It’s bigger than that.  It’s the people vs. the government.

The people were first represented by the Tea Party, and the government (IRS) put it out of business.  Now the people are represented by President Trump, and what is arrayed against him is even bigger than the Deep State.  It’s the entire spectrum of liberal and progressive institutions.  It includes much of Wall Street, and the Chamber of Commerce and Business Roundtable, along with the media, entertainment, foundations, the education industry, the bar association and on and on.

All the Swamp’s horses and all the Swamp’s men.  But the egg of Progress was broken by Obamacare, and they’ll never put it back together again.  The progressive project was weakening back in 2013, and Obamacare was the straw that broke its back.

The genie is out of the bottle.  People are woke, and they’re not going to get unwoke.  We’ve got the government and the media on the run.  That’s why their resistance is so hysterical.  Because their cause is in its death throes.


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