No more Jesuits in the DoJ

The Department of Justice is more than a brotherhood, it’s a religious order.  It’s an elite, governmental Society of Jesus  —  the Jesuits.  And the priests of DoJ are righteous in their faith, and glory in their righteousness.

Very few are able to discard their Jesuit DoJ training.  Jeff Sessions left DoJ 25 years ago, and now he’s the head of the order.  He was the U. S. Attorney for Southern Alabama for 12 years, and he’ll be a DoJ man until he dies.  He can’t rein in Mueller or Rosenstein  —  they’re his fellow Jesuits.

Even Rudy Gluiliani is too deferential to the Jesuits.  He was one himself, and it’s hard to shake.  Joe DiGenova is a former Jesuit, and he’s the only one who seems to have rejected it.  We need someone like DiGenova as the next AG.  Joe can’t do it, but he knows someone who could.  Like an Attorney General.

There are 27 Republican State Attorneys General.  One of them is right for the job.  It’s a big one.  And is there any better way to assault the Deep State than with an AG who’s smart, and hungry and fearless?

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