Make impossible demands, cry foul when they’re denied

Dr. Ford’s memory of her sexual assault is so hazy and incomplete, it cannot possibly withstand a public examination.  She’d embarrass herself, she knows it, and she will never testify.

So as she sets conditions for her agreement to speak, understand that her demands are designed to be unreasonable.  She wants to be a victim, not just of Kavanaugh, but of the Republicans.

So when the dust settles, and Kavanaugh is confirmed, the Democrats will have a new rallying cry  — I believe Christine!  Republicans have put a sexual predator on the Supreme Court!

I think middle America is appalled at the entire spectacle, and will blame the Senate Democrats, to their cost.

What do Democratic Senators Tester, Manchin and Donnelly do?  They voted for Gorsuch.  Kavanaugh is another Gorsuch, except for the Dr. Ford allegations.  If they vote against Kavanaugh, they piss off the NRA, plus a lot of people who think Kavanaugh was smeared.  If they vote for Kavanaugh, they anger a part of their base.

I say they vote yes, and he’s confirmed 55-45.

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