The Salem Witch Hunt revisited

Back in New Salem in 1692 they persecuted those who they thought were possessed by Satan.  Today we attack men, because of the inner rapist in all of them.  Because while there are men who can control their innate, savage sexual aggression, any man is capable of succumbing, at any time.

As in New Salem, normal legal principles do not apply.  But back in 17th Century Massachusetts, even then,  they did allow the accused the right to confront the witnesses against them.  It’s an ancient Anglo-Saxon tradition, incorporated in our Sixth Amendment.  If some one accuses you of something, they have to do it to your face.  If you aren’t willing to face the person you accuse, your accusation rings hollow.   Dr. Ford’s unwillingness to face Kavanaugh is a tell.  She’s really not sure about her own story.

This is all lunacy, and we can count on the media to drive this story all the way to election day.  Confirming Kavanaugh could cost the Republicans some Senate seats.  Because he’s such a fine man, he’ll get confirmed.  But politically, it would be best if he lost.  But nobody’s that cynical.

I get the sense that President Trump has weathered a storm.  Because he deals from overwhelming strength (that of his country), and because he is resolute, he’s winning.  He’s in his element, and in his prime.  It’s as though we’ve reached the end of the beginning.  The best is yet ahead for Donald J. Trump.

Back when I was young, we said a man like Trump had heart.

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