No hurry. Give her all the time she needs.

I don’t think Ford will ever testify, but she can’t admit that.  It’s damning.  It makes her look like a total snowflake.  It makes her look like a fool.

So she’ll continue to stall Grassley, hoping to provoke him into a vote.  He’s a fool if he falls for it.  They don’t want her to testify.  They’re not sure they really want to defeat Kavanaugh.  What they want is to say Grassley prevented her from testifying.  That way she’s a martyr, at no risk.  There’s probably a book deal in it for her.   A movie, even.

But she’ll never testify.  She’s terrified of being exposed as a liar and a fool.  Grassley should give her all the time she needs.  Give her a week.  Give her three weeks.   Her excuses for not testifying will wear thin, and maybe people will figure out the game she’s playing.

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