Fight racism: overturn Roe v. Wade

A little over a year ago I predicted the spectacle we’re seeing in the Senate.  The post was called “Scalia 2016, Kennedy 2018 win elections.”  

This farce was easy to see coming.  Roe v. Wade is a religious sacrament to the left, and those who oppose it are blasphemers.  It drives them bat shit crazy.

How can this bizarre witch hunt not hurt the Democrats?  I can’t believe normal American women won’t think of their husbands, fathers and sons.  Are these loved ones  all to be rendered defenseless in the face of slander?

When I was a kid in the 60’s a lot of people thought this country was on its way to becoming majority black.  Black birthrates were so high, and white birth rates were falling.  It was demographic destiny.  This is the kind of thing guys talk about among themselves.  It was almost an accepted fact.

And then in 1973 came Roe v. Wade, just in time to curb the black growth in population, and to stabilize the black population at around 13%.

The abortion movement has always been led by white racists.  They believed in eugenics, and wanted abortion to control the black birth rate.

So when Justice Douglas came up with the idea of a constitutional right to privacy, he had the Minnesota Twins (Republicans Burger and Blackmun) right behind him.  I think they knew what they were doing.  Curbing the black population was more important than in abiding by the Constitution.

But when Kavanaugh is confirmed Roe v. Wade will be on life support.  And this most grievous affront to the Constitution will be discarded and rebuked.

Justice requires that Kavanaugh gets to write the opinion.

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