The part of the Constitution that can’t be amended

The amendment power set forth in Article V of the Constitution is plenary  —   any part can be amended, in any way, with one exception.  One provision of the Constitution was so important to the Framers that they prohibited its amendment.  It’s the equal suffrage of the states in the Senate.

That can only be changed by overthrowing the Constitution.  And that’s what the left really wants.  The liberal majority on the Court has been gradually undermining the Constitution for 80 years.  The Kavanaugh Majority will be about restoring those foundations.  It will be the work of Brett Kavanuagh’s life.

He’s a fortunate man.  He gets to be the difference maker, the decider.  More than that, he’s a leader, and will bring his colleagues with him.  They were all at the White House for his swearing in for a reason.  They like and respect him, and welcome him with open arms.  He will be listened to.

As for those who tried to destroy him?   Let them wallow in their misery.  Living well, and judging well, is the best revenge.


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