Hillary Clinton thinks extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.

And she’s supposed to be from the more centrist wing of the Democratic party.  Their embrace of extremism will cost them, just as it cost Barry Goldwater in 1964.  The broad middle of the American electorate fears and invariably rejects extremism.  It’s a sentiment as old as the republic.

As the divide between Americans deepens, my hope is that the left will eventually appreciate the virtues of federalism.  We started out as a divided country, slave and free, large states and small states.  The Constitution was created as a political mechanism that relies on a division of power in order to preserve political diversity.

Abortion is a perfect example of how federalism, and diversity, can work.  Once the noxious Roe v. Wade is overturned, California will have abortion on demand.  North Dakota will have the strongest anti-abortion law in the country.

If you cannot accept California’s liberal abortion laws, you can move.  And if a woman in North Dakota wants an abortion, she can go to Minnesota or Illinois.  Her right to travel is guaranteed in the Constitution.  But because the left is in thrall to liberal fascism, they won’t allow the people of North Dakota to write their own law.

I suspect that the left is in for a long losing streak, extending as far as 2028, or beyond.  When they don’t control the federal government and courts for an extended period, perhaps the idea of taking power away from that government might have a strange new appeal.

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