Out: affirmative action. In: Equal rights

It won’t be long now.  The Asian discrimination case against Harvard should wind up with the Supremes, and if the Kavanaugh majority doesn’t use it to start the demolition of affirmative action, I’ll be shocked.  As, I believe, Chief Justice Roberts once remarked, “If you want to stop racial discrimination, stop discriminating by race.”

As John Hinderaker puts it at Powerline, “Elizabeth Warren’s Lies Are Good for America”.

Her preposterous claim to Indian ancestry unmasks the utter lunacy of affirmative action.  All humans are descended from one woman, who we call Eve.  She was a black African who lived 200,000 years ago.  So I can claim black African ancestry?

Why do Nigerian-Americans and Kenyan-Americans get affirmative action?  Their ancestors weren’t black American slaves.  In the case of the Nigerians, their ancestors may have sold their Gullah brethren into slavery, for transport to America.

What the hell is an Hispanic?  Is it Ted Cruz or Yasiel Puig?  Why do some people from the Iberian Peninsula, Spaniards, get a preference, but their neighbors, the Portuguese, don’t?

If I’m 1/32nd Hispanic, do I qualify?  Why shouldn’t a full blooded black Gullah get preference over a half breed, a quadroon, or an octoroon?

It’s all nuts, and does clear harm to its beneficiaries.

And there are a lot of poor white boys out there who deserve an even break.

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