Another Reichstag fire??

Unless the person who sent the bombs was just some nut, you have to ask yourself  — why?  Motivation is the key.  All of those targeted were of one political side.  Was the motive to actually kill them out of partisan hatred?

In my opinion these bombs were never meant to blow up.  They’re dummies.  They were sent as either a threat, or as a false flag.

A month after Hitler took power in 1933, the Reichstag fire gave him an excuse to declare, essentially, martial law, which was never lifted.  From that day forward he was an absolute dictator.  So who set the fire?  The Communists, as Hitler insisted?  Or was it Hitler himself?

Why would the Communists do it?  As a random act of terror?  Hardly.  Hitler had control of the German state.  He would use that power to crush them if he could.  The Reichstag fire was the only excuse he needed.

Just when the nightly news was beginning to focus, on a daily basis, on the immigrant caravan, this happens.  The scenes of that caravan were killing the Democrats, day after day.  The timing is awfully suspicious.

I hope Trump labels this act as completely un-American, which it is.


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