After Tuesday, Trump cleans house

Trump is a master juggler.  He keeps a lot of balls in the air, and it distracts people.  He, on the other hand, thrives in turmoil.  It gives him an advantage, because he’s quicker than everybody else.  There will be a lot of turmoil after the election.  But it won’t phase Trump.  He thrives in what seems like chaos to others.

AG Jeff Sessions will be the first firing.  Getting a replacement confirmed by the Senate will take months, so will Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein run the Justice Department in the mean time?  I don’t think so.  Rosenstein gets canned as well.  Nobody deserves it more.

The number 3 at Justice is Solicitor General Noel Francisco, and he’ll run DoJ until a new AG is nominated and confirmed.  Among his duties will be supervision of the Mueller witch hunt.  I suspect Mr. Francisco will have some pointed questions to ask.  Such as, What in the hell do you think you’re doing?

Noel Francisco is a Filipino-American, and an outstanding lawyer.  Let’s hope he’s got guts as well.  He’ll need them.  At some point, of course, he’ll be called a racist and a Nazi.  Before long these accusations will be so routine that they can be laughed away.  Leftists long ago stuck their thumb in their mouth, and began holding their breath and rolling around the floor.  Now they’re all purple, and what’s left?

During the campaign, Trump said the states should be free to decide what to do with marijuana.  Sessions disagreed, and Trump hasn’t pushed it.  With Francisco, I expect a major rationalization of federal policy.  Each state can make its own decision.  Federalism in action.

AP is out with a story on Article V.  The Convention of States, with its 12 resolutions, is mentioned.  But nothing about the BBA Task Force, and its 28 resolutions, just six short of the needed 34.  This even though a fervent BBA backer, AZ Rep. Kelly Townsend, is quoted in the article.

Why did that dog not bark?  The real story is that the BBA is only six states short.  Why is that not mentioned?   The job of the AP isn’t to report the news anymore.  It’s to suppress it when it’s inconvenient.

All we need for 34 is President Trump’s support, which we can get by a more focused approach to the generic “balanced budget amendment”.  It’s really just a question of semantics.

Don’t call it a general BBA.  Call it a specific “line item veto”, which is nothing more than a form of a balanced budget amendment.  That, Trump wants.  That, Trump can sell.  And that is how we get the first Article V amendment in American history.


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