The Clinton grift is almost over

Hillary Clinton lost to the of the most unpopular Presidential candidates in our history.  She was only able to pull that off because she was more unpopular than he was.  And the D’s are going to give her a second chance?

No, she’s milking her potential candidacy for just a little more grift.  The Clintons have been doing this for 30 years.  It’s hard to give up.

We can all thank God that Chelsea Clinton is such a schlub.  If she were at all attractive she’d be groomed for another generation of the family money grubbing.

Since all we’re going to get out of Congress for the next few years is partisan warfare, the place to look for fun will be the crowded Democratic presidential primary.  Since none of them stand out, they all have a shot.  In early 1972 Sen. George McGovern (of South Dakota!) was at 2% in the polls.  Anything can happen.  Someone could have a Spartacus moment.

The energy is all on the hard left, so that’s where the competition will be.  There could be more than a dozen serious candidates.  How do they distinguish themselves?  They’ll be catering to the most extremist wing of the party.  It will force them into indefensible positions, which the eventual nominee will have as a burden in the general.

Odds are, Trump gets a second term.

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