Deja vu to 1972

Does this sound familiar?  A centrist Democrat beats back a leftist to win the Democratic presidential nomination.  The Democratic candidate loses the election to a Republican most people don’t like.  The leftist Democrats then take over the party organization, and amend the rules to ensure a centrist won’t win the presidential nomination again.

It was 1968, the Democrat was Humphrey, and the Republican was Nixon.  The leftist Democrats were led  by Bobby Kennedy until he was killed.  The leftists then coalesced behind George McGovern.  He led the effort to amend the rules, and was rewarded by the 1972 presidential nomination.  He was so far left he lost one of the great landslides in American history.

Now, of course, the centrist Democrat was Clinton, and the leftist leader who lost the nomination was Bernie Sanders.  The Sanders wing of the party has taken control of it, and has changed the rules, ensuring that no centrist can win the 2020 nomination.  All that remains to be seen is who the next George McGovern is.

To win the hearts of the hard left you must be pure, you must let no one get to your left.   It will be a stampede to socialism, and whoever wins will be an extremist.

That’s why Trump gets a second term.  His first opponent was the most unpopular nominee ever.  His second will be the most far left wing in American history.

The Good Lord has been kind to the political career of Donald Trump.

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