Why Trump gets his China deal

The Chinese are going to blink.  Everybody in this country knows they are thieves, and no one defends them.  They can’t wait out Trump.  He’s probably got six mote years, and I’ve yet to hear any Democrat defend the Chinese.  They have no better friend than Trump, because they don’t have any friends.

At this point in their history, they’re not strong enough to  challenge us militarily.  The U. S.  Navy rules the Pacific, and everything that touches it is vulnerable to it.

Trump has established that he’s a wild man, liable to do damn near anything.  When he threatens the Chinese, they take him seriously.  On the other hand, they may think they can trust him.  So I think a deal gets done.

China is in this for the long haul.  This will slow them down a little, but it won’t stop them.  If their return to hegemony in East Asia must be the work of generations, so be it.  Their grievances against the West go back two hundred years.  They are a patient people.

This is a greater accomplishment than Nixon’s trip to China.  That was an obvious move, that any President would have taken once we got out of Vietnam.  What Trump is doing is far more impressive.  By sheer force of will, and the application of high intelligence, he’s done what no President has done in thirty years.  He stood up to China.

It’s worth a couple Nobel Peace Prizes, one for Trump and one for Xi.

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