Do it again

A Convention of States was held in Phoenix in 2017.  It was the first such gathering since the Nashville Convention of 1850.  Eighteen states sent fully accredited commissioners, appointed jointly by their legislative leadership, and three additional states were represented.

82 delegates from the eighteen states met, in full session and in committees, over three hot September days.  Rep. Kelly Townsend of Arizona was elected chair.  A set of rules was adopted, and recommended to any future Convention.  A committee for communication was established, and the Convention adjourned.

I was there, representing the Alaska State Senate.  While the accomplishment of the Phoenix Convention was only procedural, it was counted a great success by all who attended.  While the scope of the Convention was limited to procedure, there is no reason a second such Convention cannot deal with substance.

The question at hand is what, if anything, do the state legislators of this country want to do with their Article V power?

Whatever they propose, it must be bipartisan.  Article V isn’t designed to work except as a bipartisan mechanism.

There are five blue states, including California, that have recently passed Article V Resolutions.  It’s possible some of these states would be interested in meeting their Republican counterparts to discuss Article V.  There may be common ground, such as term limits on Supreme Court Justices.

The Phoenix delegates, if I read them correctly, would be glad to go to another, more substantive, Convention.  I hope they get the chance.

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