Good bye to all that

Since 2014 there have been enough state legislatures under Republican control that getting the 34 needed for Article V was possible.  That ended in November, and that unusual alignment of forces may not come back.  Until it does, Article V is a dead Roman numeral.

Today’s Democratic party doesn’t believe in federalism, which is what Article V is all about.  They don’t really like local control.  Hell, they don’t like the Constitution.  Until that changes, Democrats will never support Article V.

The period between 2014 and 2018, with such Republican dominance, was very odd, and I doubt we’ll see it again.  So I’ve wasted the last five years of my life.  My colleague, Bill Fruth, is angry that we never got any help.  We were never able to convince people it was possible.  It sure wasn’t possible without money, as we learned.  Maybe it wasn’t possible at all.

I spent 27 years in Alaska, trying to get a shot at a U. S. Senate seat that never came.  Now the last five years on Article V.  From now on I’ll just be a scribbler.

Since they’re too lazy to do any actual reporting, the entire media is agog with investigations and prosecutions.  None of it means anything.  The House voting to impeach Trump would mean nothing.  It’s all a big Kabuki, designed for viewers and clicks.

The forces arrayed against President Trump would overwhelm a lesser man.  But Trump is made of sterner stuff, and nothing will break him.  He knows if he succeeds, he’ll be one of the great Presidents in American history.  So he won’t quit.

Because they can’t kill him, they’ll only make him stronger.


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