Who’s selling globalism?

As sundry Democrats maneuver to prepare a run for the Presidency, there is one issue not being discussed:  globalism.  Maybe that’s because it was a part of the Obama agenda that failed, miserably.

In fact, foreign policy in general just doesn’t seem to concern people.  Yeah, we’re supposed to get all fired up because the Saudis kill people.  The Israelis have been doing it for generations, back to the founding of the Jewish state.  Former Prime Minister Menachem Begin once led a terrorist group called Irgun.  We’re not going to hold the Saudis to a higher standard than Israel.

Putin’s a bad actor, but do the Democrats propose to be tougher on him than Trump?  That doesn’t win any votes.  And as far as China goes, the Democrats have got nothing to say.  Trump is doing what his predecessors wouldn’t, and it’s something most Americans know has to be done.  And is any Democrat going to bring up Obama’s stupid Iran deal?  I don’t think so.

Looking to 2020, I see nothing but roses for Trump in foreign policy.  Normally, in times of peace, foreign affairs don’t matter in Presidential elections.  But if he gets more trade victories, especially one with China, he will motivate and expand his base.  And possibly give him the margin of victory he needs in PA, MI and WI.

It’s starting to dawn on people that Trump is favored for reelection.  At this stage of the game polls don’t mean a lot.  But peace, prosperity and controlling the borders should get Trump another term.

Lord, how Trump is blessed by his opponents.  Without a presidential candidate, Nancy “Moonbeam” Pelosi will be the leader of the Democratic party for the next eighteen months.  That’s why he wanted her in the Speakership  —  she’s the perfect foil.

Don’t pay any attention to the news.   Trump’s winning.

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