The Trump Doctrine

Finally, under President Trump, we have adjusted to the fact that the cold war with the Soviets is over, and we won.  It took us 25 years and four feckless Presidents before, thank God, Trump was elected and we began to come to our senses.  With the fracking revolution, and our energy independence, we can now fully make some sense of the world, and our place in it.

For close to a hundred years there have been five Great Powers in the world, the United States, Europe, Russia, China and Japan.  And that’s the way it’s going to be in the foreseeable future.  Geopolitics deals with the relations between these Great Powers.

Japan and the Anglosphere (USA and friends) have the unique advantage of being maritime and trading nations, separate and apart from Asia and, thus, from the other three, land based powers.   World War Two was won because of superior resources, and Japan learned a great lesson.  Alone among the Great Powers, the USA is capable of complete self reliance.  Since they understand this in the context of the most wrenching event in Japanese history, they will never fight the Anglosphere again.  Japan is a great power in its own right, but it is almost like it’s a member of the Anglosphere.  The rest of the world can go to hell.  Japan and the Anglosphere will get along just fine.

The United States has a special relation to Israel, because America is a Christian nation.  Israel is a Holy Land, where Christ the Savior was born and crucified.  For hundreds of years Christians fought the Crusades for control of the Holy Lands.  America will not allow Muslims to control this land again.  So Israel is safe.

Other than that, our interests are almost wholly mercenary.  Where can we get the best deal?  We’d like to try to see if a deal could be made with Russia.  A new understanding with Russia would result in an enormous increase in Russian economic output.  With some imported American technology, the Russian economy could take off, to the immense benefit of the Russian people.  We would want some security guarantees, and a draw down in nuclear weaponry.  But, because of Putin’s adventurism, the Russian Option is off the table for now.

So, for now, the Anglosphere, Japan and Europe are arrayed against the Great Powers of the Asian landmass,  Russia and China, ancient and continuing rivals.

Syria and Afghanistan have nothing to do with any of this, and are therefor useless to us, in geopolitical terms.  These places mean nothing to us, and President Trump has finally decided to put his foot down, and get out.  God bless him for it.  I hate seeing young Americans die for nothing.

Mattis is a cold war dinosaur.  We don’t want military men as Secretary of Defense.  War is too important to be left to generals.

The new Secretary of Defense will understand that our military serves our geopolitical self interest, and no other.

That’s the Trump Doctrine.

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