Bienvenidos Mexico

We welcome Mexico to the American Alliance.  It is manifestly in their best interest to join.  Amicable relations with el gigante del norte means a better life for the Mexican people.

This is a major development.  In agreeing to take our money to seal their southern border, the Mexicans have accepted responsibility to control emigration to America from their borders.  That responsibility must, in turn, apply to their own citizens.  Once the Mexican government respects our border, our relationship will grow and prosper.  It’s in the long term Mexican self interest to cooperate in this area.  It will open up vast areas of enterprise for our mutual benefit.

With our Canadian and Mexican friends, we control North America, with South America as our protectorate.  Australia, New Zealand, Israel and Japan are full fledged members of the Alliance.

And the Brits?  Are they part of the great American Alliance?  They’re in the process of deciding.  We’d be better off with them.  Britain is our mother country, after all.

I met an English kid at the Hofbrauhaus in Munich in 1967.  He was about my age, 21, a small guy with a front tooth missing.  We wound up on a smuggling convoy together, all the way to Tehran, where we said goodbye.

I got to know John Aldersey pretty well, and liked him a lot.  He was a factory worker in Liverpool, and he told me they wanted to make him a foreman, but he wasn’t sure if he wanted to.  He was afraid it would set him apart from his mates.  It was an attitude I’d never encountered before.  But then, I’d never been out of America.

On my walk up the valley last night, I looked over my shoulder and saw a full moon, just rising above the eastern ridge.  On new year’s night.  An omen.


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