Patriots all over the world

There’s no reason to use a meaningless phrase like “national populist”.  Brexit, the yellow jackets, the East Europeans, the Italians  —  there’s a perfectly adequate word to describe them all.  They’re patriots.  They love their own country. and countrymen, above all others.  They are not citizens of the world, or of Europe.  They are Poles, Hungarians and Danes.  They want their countries to survive, and to be inhabited by their descendants.

This is what the globalists are up against.  Nothing less than human identity.  Who am I?  A patriot responds with the identity of his country.  If you took being American away from me, I would lose part of my soul.  And I am the norm.

Trump, a patriot, understands these things, and that is why he is so confident in victory.

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