An election about a wall

In an act of political genius, President Trump has made his reelection a referendum on the wall, on  border security, on law and order.  2016 was about many things, but 2020 will be all about the wall.  The Democrats are being extremists, and they’re going to pay the price.

Less than a year ago, 44 of 47 Senate Democrats voted to give Trump the money for the wall, in exchange for a form of amnesty for the Dreamers.  Kamala Harris was not one of those 44, and she isn’t going to let anyone forget it.  It’s her ticket to the nomination.  Those 44 Democrats were being reasonable, and that’s not allowed.  The hatred of Trump is so intense that any compromise with him is out of bounds.

My God, think of it.  Democratic nominee Kamala Harris trying to appeal to middle America by telling it it can’t control its border.  It will be painful.

If Trump declares an emergency tomorrow, and finds funding for the wall, he will set off a court fight that will last up to a year.  That whole time the issue of the wall will  be a hot topic.  I suspect he’d prevail in the Supreme Court, but even if he loses he’s still got the issue to campaign on.

I suspect he’ll also be issuing pink slips to unnecessary federal employees.  Starting Monday, the 30 day mark of the shutdown, he’ll have the authority to issue orders for Reductions in Force.  Maybe this will bring Pelosi to the table  —  watching all those worthless bureaucrats taken off the federal tit.

Trump could have provoked a shutdown over the wall a year ago.  He waited, and sure enough hare-brained Nancy is the Speaker, and he has the ideal foil.  His timing was perfect.


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