After Trump

We’ve had 250 years of national political leaders.  We’ve never had one like Donald Trump.  Odds are, we’ll never see one like him again.  He’s one of a kind.  There’s no one on the horizon who resembles him.

For those of us hoping for a national healing  —  a truce, a modus vivendi, or some kind of satisfactory accommodation between left and right —  it will have to wait until Trump leaves office.  The personal Trump hatred on the left, and elsewhere, is so intense it cannot be overcome.  As long as he remains in office, we are a bitterly divided country.

They hate every last thing about Trump, from his comb over to his tippy toes.  They always will, it will never change.  He made fools of them.

I know, because I was one of them.  I could list a score of things I hated about Trump.  What’s more, I didn’t trust him farther than I could throw him.  Except on the Supreme Court vacancy.  On that, he’d boxed himself in.  For that, I hoped he’d win.

Since I’ve been studying and closely following politics since 1960, and was more or less a professional politician for twenty years, I think I know the subject, and confidently told my wife, family and readers of this blog that Trump had absolutely no chance of winning first the nomination, and then the general election.

Trump made a fool out of not just me, but one hell of a lot of people like me.  I’ve gotten over it.  A lot of people, like NeverTrumpers, never will.  He publicly embarrassed them, and they hate him for it.

The next Republican presidential nominee, regardless of who it may be, will not be hated like Donald Trump.  Then the healing can begin.  In the meantime, it’s war.

Since we’re speculating on the end of the Trump era, there’s an important part of the Constitution that should be considered, and it is the presidential self pardon.  Nixon got one, and, if necessary, Trump will get one too.  If he suspects that he’ll be harassed by an incoming administration, a President can always resign, and be pardoned by his Vice President.

For Democrats hoping to prosecute Trump once he leaves office  —   sorry!


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