Was the Great Wall of China immoral?

It was all kabuki.

The shutdown hurt Trump’s approval, but it was a price worth paying.  During its course, the President offered to negotiate a comprehensive reform of our broken immigration system.  It’s possible such a reform, even if only incremental, can now be hammered out with Congress.  If it is, it would be another major domestic achievement for Trump.

If not, I think he’ll declare an emergency, which will immediately be enjoined by a federal district judge in the 9th Circuit.  This would mean appellate relief could only be obtained from the Supreme Court.  Months will drag  by.

And all the while, the crisis at the border will continue.  It may even intensify, as would-be immigrants realize that the border may be sealed in the near future.  They’ll want to come while they still can.

Border security, along with peace and prosperity, is going to reelect Donald Trump.  This issue has dominated the news for five weeks, with three or more to come.  This is the subject on which the nation is now paying attention.  The first two months of the new Democratic majority will be tied up on immigration.  Democratic priorities languish.

While there are some sensible Democrats, the leader of the party, Pelosi, is a nut.  She’s an embarrassment.  The press hides it, but the more exposure she gets, the worse it will be for her.  She’s 78, and it’s showing, badly.

Trump vs. Pelosi, on immigration.  It’s not a fair fight.



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