Are you better off than you were four years ago?

How people answer that question will decide the 2020 election.  Not, how’s the country doing.  How are you doing?

With his tax cuts, deregulation and trade reforms Trump has set the stage for an economic boom, just as we had under Reagan in the 80’s.  Our labor may be expensive, but our energy is cheap, and manufacturing will return to our shores.  The working men and women of America, the new base of Trump’s Republican Party, will see their wages rise.  Cutting off the flow of cheap illegal immigrant labor will especially help black and latino workers.

The Democrats want more government.  They’re the government party.  But Americans in the private sector don’t trust the government, and want it out of their lives.  Unless you identify as a persecuted minority, big government doesn’t sell.

Since the Democratic candidate will want increased taxes and a war on Wall Street, the big money boys will have nowhere to go.  A third, independent candidate would give them someone to support.  Since giant egos are involved (hell, I’m richer and smarter than that stupid Trump!) I expect one of them won’t be able to resist the temptation to insert himself as a third choice, assuring Trump’s reelection.

If you don’t self-identify as a black, or gay, or a woman, but as an American, you’ll vote for Trump not only because you’re better off.  But also because you know your country is better off too.


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