Trump is a man of his time

And mine, since I’m a year older.  We share a lot of memories from when we were kids.  We remember wonderful things, and some frightening things, that will be forgotten once we’re gone.

Trump occasionally lapses into a Jackie Gleason persona, from the old TV show, The Honeymooners.  I’ve heard him make a joking reference to “Alice”, Gleason’s wife on the show.  Trump and I remember it well.  He’s definitely a Jackie Gleason kind of guy.  He’s a New York City American patriot.  He’s not blood and soil, as it is for those from the heartland.  But his patriotism is as strong as any.  It’s the patriotism of a capitalist.

Another TV show we watched as “The Millionaire”, about random people who are given a million dollars from an anonymous donor.  The idea of making a million dollars was beyond my comprehension.  But when Trump saw that, what did he think?  A million?  Chump change.

So we’re different, but nonetheless we see the world through the same eyes.  Trump is doing everything I’ve wanted a President to do, and some things I hadn’t thought of.  I feel sometimes as though I’m channeling Trump.  Because I understand, and approve of, everything he does.

Right now he’s thinking of the next twenty months, counting down to election day.  Above all, he wants a roaring economy in November of 2020.  He’ll get his deal with China in plenty of time.  Taxes will stay cut, and regulations will continue to be rationalized.  Important work, such as the rejection of “disparate impact” as a proof of discrimination, will continue.  The entire executive branch of government will be devoted to boosting the economy.

Congress is gridlocked, and dysfunctional.  If he can get a decent infrastructure bill, great.  But there will be no important legislation in the next 20 months.  And the markets like gridlock.

Meanwhile Trump rolls along.   It’s as though he was made for this job.  We’re all along for the ride, on the “Trump Presidency”, a reality TV show, starring Donald Trump, along with the stunningly beautiful First Lady, and the First Family.

It’s the greatest.

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