Walmart, the handicapped, and the American Way

By the time of our revolution an American in the northern states had the highest standard of living in the world.  The common man was better off here than anywhere.  It’s been that way ever since, and it will continue as long as there is an America.  We live in a blessed land, and thus are a blessed people.

The common man did well because there weren’t that many of them, and labor was expensive.  For one thing, an American could always pack up and move on, to greener pastures.  For another thing, the main source of government revenue from the tariff, and high tariffs allowed for high wages.

Trump was elected by the common man, and he wants them to elect him again.  He’s doing everything he can to get higher wages, and to the extent that he succeeds, his prospects improve.  Controlling the border will result in higher wages for the common man, and that is part of why he will not stop until he gets it.

Here in Sonora, California, it seems to be working.  Over the last year I’ve seen a change in the workforce at Walmart.  They are now hiring the virtually unemployable.  No one else would hire these people.  They can only do simple tasks.  They’re the bottom of the labor pool.  But they’ve got jobs now, probably the first in their lives.

Giving them a job is the best thing anyone could do for these people.  If they can keep the job, and the income, they’ve got a shot at a normal life.  I think that for some of these people, and their families, this job is a very big deal.

More of the common man for Trump.

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