The Sanders, and Goldwater, Insurgents

The Bernie Brigade reminds me of my first campaign, for Barry Goldwater.  We knew Goldwater wasn’t going to win the White House.  But the important thing, for us, was taking control of the Republican Party, and defeating its east coast, moderate establishment.  When Barry beat Rockefeller in the California primary in June of 1964, we had won the battle.  Winning the war would take more time.  16 years, in fact, but it was worth the wait.

The Bernie Bros feel the same.  They begin with the rejection of the Democratic Party establishment.  It’s not only the Clinton corruption they disdain, but all the Washington fat cats, of both parties.  Once the stench of money grubbing is driven out of the party, then the task of building a national movement. If the movement isn’t strong enough to take out Trump, they’ll win in 2024  . We had to wait 16 years, for Reagan.  They think they can do better.

What this means is that the Democratic nominee will be held strictly to account on all the various pathologies that make up the agenda of the far left.  Purity, above all, will be insisted on.  Electability is not a valid concern.

Next year, the Democrat will be the most radical major party nominee in American history.  It’s almost as though the Good Lord is smiling on Donald J. Trump.  I think Barry Goldwater is.  And Ronald Reagan.

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