We’re not voting for prom king

A moderate can see both sides of an argument.  Moderates are practical, pragmatic people.  They want things to function properly.  In this country, politically. that means they want the economy growing, and improving people’s lives.  If it works, it’s good enough for a moderate.

The left understands all this, and it means they can’t allow the election of 2020 to be about the economy.  It’s got to be about Trump.  The issuance of the Mueller report is just the end of one phase of the resistance.  It continues until election day.  But as Nietzsche said, if it doesn’t destroy me, it makes me stronger.  Trump won’t back down or be bullied.  He was born for this kind of combat.  He’s in his element, in the ring, no holds barred.  He’s the first bold man to be President since Andrew Jackson.


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