Don’t commit parental malpractice

Chances are, your kids and grandkids are going to go to public schools, which are controlled by school boards.  Those board members are responsible for policy, and every parent and grandparent needs to be an informed voter, and not let the radical left teacher’s union elect the board members, and control the policy.  If you don’t take control of your school board, you’re not being a responsible parent or grandparent.

The loss of Kai Binkley Sims in the Anchorage School Board race yesterday is a case in point.  The woman who beat her will be a loyal ally of the teacher’s union on the board.  The teacher’s union elected her, and they will control her.  The parents and grandparents of Anchorage, Alaska aren’t doing their jobs.

Babbie and I spent 27 years of our lives in Anchorage, and all three of our sons went through the public schools system.  Since we left in 2001, Anchorage has changed, and not for the better.  In the Anchorage that I knew, there’s no way Kai Binkley Sims could have lost.

All of Alaska has changed, for the worse, over the last 20 years.  Governmental dependency is pervasive.  The whole state’s on the tit.

The Permanent Fund Dividend program may be part of the problem.  It apparently has attracted the wrong kind of immigrant.  Not the kind that wants a big job, but the kind that wants a handout.

When I became an Alaska State Senator in 1983, the Permanent Fund was just coming into its own, and I was against any dividends.  I didn’t want to foster dependency.  Large capital projects would be a better use of the money.

But my first few weeks in office I saw how these capital projects were being funded.  It was frivoulous, it was corupt, it was, in fact, criminal the way the state legislature was funding these projects.  Everybody and his brother was ripping off the State of Alaska, and half of all that Prudhoe Bay oil money was pissed away.

So I became a supporter of the Permanent Fund Dividend.  And it was only by the political use of the dividend that the fund itself hasn’t been frittered away.

But at what cost?


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