The problem with Biden is Biden

Richard ben Kramer’s “What it Takes” is the finest book ever written about American political campaigns.  He covers the 1988 Presidential race, and Biden is one of the six candidates he embedded himself with.  You get the sense that Biden, his campaign, and his family trusted ben Kramer, and his account rings true.

Joe Biden is an incredibly undisciplined politician.  He has an extremely hard time coming to a decision.  He has little faith in his own judgment, but is utterly convinced that he has special political gifts.  He has a mediocre mind, but thinks he has an inner genius.  On those occasions when he connects with a crowd, he can put on a great performance. He has the gift of Irish bullshit, and he thinks that’s all he needs.

The on again off again drama of the announcement of his candidacy could be torn from the pages of “What it Takes”.  This is Joe Biden.

How long he lasts before his candidacy implodes is anybody’s guess.  He’s never been subjected to the kind of scrutiny he’ll be getting.  He’s over the hill, and he’ll make some sort of spectacle of himself when he departs.  He’ll be the center of attention when he quits, and he’ll milk it for all it’s worth.

Because, at his core, Joe Biden is above all else a drama queen.


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