President Trump’s closest ally

The United States, by God’s good fortune, has no fear of any nation, or combination of nations.  As long as we control the seas our homeland is invulnerable.  And with our Japanese and Anglosphere allies, our navy cannot be challenged.  We rule the waves, and can project our power all over the world.

Alfred Mahan figured all this out in the late 19th century, and Donald Trump is a student of Mahan.  Our navy is the source of of our security and our power, and Japan is our most important naval ally.  Their navy has 154 ships, and many of them are state of the art, world class fighting vessels.  Along with Australia and New Zealand, and hopefully Great Britain, we have such a massive advantage that no other navy is within sight.

The President and Prime Minister Abe are working out the foundations of a new relationship.  They are not going to fail.  That is not an option, for them, or for us.  Trump and Abe were both made for this momentous occasion.

What Great Britain was to us in the Atlantic, Japan will be to us in the Pacific.  Our number one ally, with whom we will have a special relationship.  Such that we would consider an attack on Japan an attack on us.  We will guarantee Japanese security, in exchange for Japan’s naval alliance.

Japan is like a huge aircraft carrier floating just to the east of China.  It is the linchpin of any alliance which seeks to contain China.  And Japan is more than willing to play its role.

China is the only other world power we need concern ourselves with, and with a revitalized Japan as our partner, we have nothing to fear from China.  And so we have nothing to fear at all.

The United States can be at peace.


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