No, manana is not good enough for me, President Obrador

President Trump has demonstrated, time and again, his self-restraint.  Exhibit A is his patience with the unholy cabal of Mueller, Comey, Brennan, Clapper et al.  He could have exercised his authority to order than the entire witch hunt be shut down.  Mueller and his gang of vicious partisans could have all been fired, a la Nixon and the Saturday Night Massacre.  You can make a good argument that this is exactly what Mueller was hoping for.  He had nothing, zilch, nada on the President.  But if provoked, he could do something rash, maybe enough to justify impeachment.  Lou Dobbs and many others were telling the President to fire Mueller.  But Trump was patient, showing the calm confidence of a Christian with four aces.  He knew it was all B.S.  He took it for two years, and has at last been fully vindicated.

He’s been taking B. S. from the Obrador of Mexico before he became President last December.  Trump has been asking for help with the Central American invasion, and Obrador has just shined him on.

Now, it’s no more excuses, no more delays.  If you don’t cooperate at the border, we’ll shut your damned economy down.

Mexico is an economic dependent of the United States.  We not only take 80% of their exports, we provide them with imports of the highest quality.  And we provide for their power with our natural gas exports.  They can’t even think about getting into a trade war with us.

So Obrador will come to his senses, and he’ll shut down his southern border, and cooperate across the board.  It will take him a little time.  He has to try and save face.  But he’ll cave, and Donald Trump can celebrate another win for his country.  If he keeps this up he’ll get reelected in a landslide.




Death and the draining swamp.

Creatures of the swamp cannot survive without it.  As Attorney General Barr begins to shed the  light of truth  on the swamp in Washington, its creatures will rant, rave and howl, but it will be in vain.  As the swamp shrinks, its denizens will turn on each other in fury.

Senate Judiciary Chair Lindsey Graham will preside over a portion of this spectacle.  It’s the opportunity of a lifetime.  Lindsey loves a camera, and he has an historical duty to perform.  Mueller and the other swamp things must be called to testify, under oath.  And among the questions they all must answer is, “What did the President (Obama) know, and when did he know it?”  Senator Sam Ervin of Watergate fame will fade into insignificance if Graham does his job properly.  Is he ready for his “Profile in Courage” moment?

I’m reminded of an African documentary I saw sometime ago.  A seasonal river was infested with crocodiles, and as the waters receded, eventually becoming nothing more than mud holes, the crocs were terrifying sights.  The mud became so thick that it was hardly liquid at all, the consistency of cake batter, and there wasn’t enough of it to go around.  So the doomed crocodiles, all near death, fought savagely with one another,  trying for a few more days of life.

When swamps die, it gets ugly.

What, me worry?

Trump was in Pennsylvania yesterday, but his intended audience spans the globe, from Tehran to Moscow to Beijing.  He was putting on a show, for their benefit.

He looked marvelous, a man without a care in the world.  Just a man with nothing special to do on a Monday evening, so why not fly in to Montoursville for a Congressional candidate.  It was a picture perfect Trump rally, with an adoring crowd, and Donald Trump, raconteur, at his finest.  You can tell when he’s enjoying himself.  He starts channeling Jackie Gleason, a boastful Irish New Yorker.

By his whole demeanor Trump spoke to the world audience and said, ” I don’t have a care in the world.  I’ve got more oil than I need, a self sufficient continental economy, and the United States Navy.  You may have something to worry about.  Not me.”

Baiting Joe Biden

President Trump is belittling Biden’s intelligence, with an eye toward provoking Sleepy Joe into an overreaction.  It could work.

In the spring of 1988, while campaigning for President in New Hampshire, Biden was asked about his education.  The way Biden heard the question, the guy was making sure Biden had been to college.

Biden blew up,  “. . . he started yelling how he’d graduated with three degrees, went to law school on scholarship, clawed his way up from the bottom of the class  —  or some bullshit  —  he offered to compare IQ’s  . . . all with the chin out, the hectoring voice, like … . .  I may be stupid but I’m Einstein next to you! . . . and Ruthie Berry and Jill  . . . had to scurry in and steer Joe out of there.  He coulda punched the guy out!  Joe was always sensitive about his intellect . . .”  [p. 480, What It Takes, by Richard Ben Cramer]

This came back to haunt Biden, since he was lying about his three degrees and scholarships.  In addition to being a serial plagiarist, Biden just made things up, to make himself look good.  That’s what drove him out of the race.

Biden combines an inferiority complex with an enormous opinion of himself. In other words, he’s a whack job.