What, me worry?

Trump was in Pennsylvania yesterday, but his intended audience spans the globe, from Tehran to Moscow to Beijing.  He was putting on a show, for their benefit.

He looked marvelous, a man without a care in the world.  Just a man with nothing special to do on a Monday evening, so why not fly in to Montoursville for a Congressional candidate.  It was a picture perfect Trump rally, with an adoring crowd, and Donald Trump, raconteur, at his finest.  You can tell when he’s enjoying himself.  He starts channeling Jackie Gleason, a boastful Irish New Yorker.

By his whole demeanor Trump spoke to the world audience and said, ” I don’t have a care in the world.  I’ve got more oil than I need, a self sufficient continental economy, and the United States Navy.  You may have something to worry about.  Not me.”

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