My money’s on Kamala Harris

Nate “The Great” Silver says the D’s are down to the Final, Fantastic Five —  Biden, Warren, Sanders, Buttigeig and Harris.

Biden  — the doddering, foolish old grandpa, beloved, but not trusted with the keys anymore.

Warren —  that professor you couldn’t stand in college, the prissy church lady know it all.

Sanders  —  the crazy old 1960’s radical, the one who never grew out of it.

Buttigeig  —  What, me worry?  The new Alfred E. Neuman

Harris  —  that sassy, good looking black gal.

So, it’s Harris.  Any criticism of her will not only be racist, but misogynist if any man does it.

The first woman nominated for President by a major party will be a black.  For Democrats, it’s irresistable.  She’ll turn out blacks in November, just like Obama did.



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