The fingerspitzengefuhl of Donald Trump

Since European whites have ruled the world for the last 600 years, they are responsible for six centuries of war, conquest, rape, genocide and slavery.  There’s a lot to feel guilty about.  Progressive whites feel that guilt intensely, and they demand that all whites join them, take responsibility, and make amends.  Allowing mass immigration from non-whites, with the goal of a majority-minority nation, is the best way to atone.

If you’re white, and proud of your country, despite its sins, you’re called a racist.  You’re told that you’ll soon be a minority in your own country, and then you’ll be stripped of all your white privilege.

Long before Donald Trump, people were voting white, that is, as a racial bloc.  The states of the deep south has always had one, dominant, white party.  For the last 50 years it’s been the Republicans.  More recently, border states like TN, KY and MO have seen the Republicans emerge as the de facto white party.  We are now witnessing the phenomenon spread north, accounting for Trump’s wins in PA, WI and MI.  Minnesota could be the next in 2020.

This is completely predictable from a political science perspective.  As whites begin to lose their majority, they band together in self interest.  It is natural for political minorities to vote as a bloc.  It’s entirely unremarkable, except that whites are now playing the game as well.

Trump saw this coming, and is using it to his advantage.  He has political fingerspitzengefuhl, a touch, a feel, an instinct for politics.  It’s a form of political or military genius, and Trump has it in spades.

He’ll win, big time, in 2020, because the Democrats aren’t just undermining American whites with their immigration obsession.  They’re hurting all Americans, of every color and nationality.  If you’re a black American, or a Mexican-American, or an Asian-American, mass immigration isn’t good for you.

The D’s have forgotten that many blacks, Latinos and Asians are also Americans, and, to the extent they identify as such, they will oppose the subversion of their country, and vote for a President who brings prosperity and peace.

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