The Sino-American Concord

[This appears in today’s American Thinker.]

During the course of his remaining 5 and a half years in office, President Trump will come to an understanding with China.  Trade will only be a part of it.  It will establish a concord, or state of agreement, between the two most powerful nations in the world.  It will result in a peaceful 21st century.

He’ll cut the part on trade some time between now and the election fifteen months from now.  He’ll time it so that he receives the maximum political benefit.  It will ignite the markets, and the economy will assure him of reelection.

The sticking point of any deal with China is enforcement.  They’re not good for their word.  So Trump has thus far insisted that terms of the deal must be written into Chinese law.  But President Xi has been unable to deliver.  His power is limited.

At some point, Trump will relent on enforcement, and the deal is cut.  After all the laws of a communist government aren’t worth the paper they’re written on anyway.  The only real enforcement of a trade deal with China is going to be American retaliation when the Chinese cheat.  Trump knows retaliation.

Also, any trade deal between the two most powerful economies in the world comes with an expiration date.  Regardless of its terms, it will only remain in effect as long as both countries remain satisfied with it.  So whatever concessions Trump must make to get a deal are only temporary in nature.

It’s the deal of the century.  And Donald John Trump was born to make it.


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