The Peter Principle in Pollsters

Every pollster I’ve known is not satisfied with their station in life.  They all want to be more than the numbers crunchers they are.  Even the best of them, Nate Silver, succumbs to this temptation.

Today Nate offers his political advice, namely that the Ukraine hoax will hurt the President.  He doesn’t know his butt from a hole in the ground.

Stick with what you know, Nate.  You’re embarrassing yourself.

The President as peacemaker

(The following appears in today’s American Thinker)

The Moslem conquest of India lasted a thousand years, and is probably the bloodiest story in history.  Typical were Sultan Muhammad bin Tughlak and his son.  He invaded Bengal, and offered a reward for every Hindu head, and paid for 180,000 of them.  His son, Firoz Shah, feasted for three days whenever the number of defenseless Hindus slain in his territories reached twenty thousand.

The subcontinent of India is divided between Moslem Pakistan and Hindu India because of this history.  Naturally enough, these two nuclear armed countries have despised one another since they were formed in 1947.  They have disputed control over Kashmir, and only the nuclear balance of terror have prevented war.  Now, with President Trump, they have a chance for a resolution of this conflict.

As the President made clear in his joint press appearance with Pakistani Prime Minister Khan at the UN, he is ready and willing to arbitrate this dispute.  But only, of course, if both sides want peace.  He is on excellent terms with both Khan and Indian Prime Minister Modi.  America has no skin in the game.  In similar circumstances, President Theodore Roosevelt successfully arbitrated the end of the Russo-Japanese War in 1906.

The “Howdy Modi” rally in Houston was a resounding success, and the bond between the President and the Prime Minister is genuine.  Modi trusts Trump, and knows he wouldn’t sell India out.

It was apparent from their joint appearance that Khan and Trump have an easy relationship.  Trump heaped praise on Khan, who was clearly enjoying himself.  Just for fun, and for Khan’s amusement, he singled out and bitch slapped a particularly loathesome member of the fake news media.  A good time was had by all.

Pakistan and India are about to have one important thing in common;  reliance on American natural gas.  India is investing $7.5 billion on an American natgas facility.  Pakistan is working with Shell and Exxon to set up LNG terminals for the import of American natgas.  These projects will bring both nations into the American economic orbit.  They are clear evidence of trust in our country.  American energy dominance is emerging as a force for peace.

If they do want peace, Modi and Khan, with President Trump’s aid, can have it.  Are they strong enough leaders to bring their countries along with them to the bargaining table?  It is only because of their trust in President Trump that the question can even be asked.  Peace between the second and sixth most populous countries in the world could be within reach.

While these world historical developments take place, the media is fixated on a phone call to Ukraine.  This is what fake news looks like.  It’s like chaff, the metal foil or filings released to obstruct or confuse radar detection.  It is a means of distracting attention from the real news, because in the real world America is on a roll.  In reality, the balance of geopolitical power is being transformed by an American president.  An Alliance of Democracy is being assembled, and it could lead to a century of peace.

Only President Trump has had the guts to take on the subversives in the media.  It’s the most courageous thing he’s done, and God bless him for it.

Why did the Chinese plan on visiting Montana?

Montana Senator Jon Tester is a former school teacher who farms the land that his grandparents homesteaded in 1912.  When he was nine he lost the middle three fingers of his left hand to a meat grinder.  His farm is in the middle of Montana, in the middle of the Wheat Belt, which stretches from Alberta to Texas.

Montana is primarily an agricultural state, and Tester has cred with his fellow farmers.  He may be out of tune with them politically, but he’s one of them.  They are a critical part of his political base.

When the Chinese trade delegation was making plans to visit a couple farm states on their way home, they picked Montana.  Why?  Kansas is the wheat state.  Montana is only number five.

Politically, Montana is solid Trump country.  Not so the state of Washington, which is number three in wheat production.  A trip there might have boosted the President’s remote chance of winning Washington in 2020.

Montana was picked because of Tester reelection run in 2024.  Trump wants to steal Tester’s base, by showing Montana wheat growers that he’s their guy, and he can deliver the goods.  Trump doesn’t need any help in Montana, but the Republican nominee in 2024 will want all the help he can get.

Whoever that nominee may be.

India is part of the American family

At the center of the American alliance are Great Britain, Japan, Canada and Australia, maritime powers all, proud partners of the US Navy.  Our next circle of geopolitical friends include Denmark, the Netherlands, Singapore and, it is now apparent, India.

Today’s “Howdy Modi” event in Houston was the stuff of history.  For all the world to see, the great nations of the United States and India stand together.

For the President, it was brilliant political theater.  For America, it was the addition of a billion allies all over the world.

What to call this new world order?  How about the Alliance of Democracy?

The President prefers Pochahontas

In seeking to undermine Joe Biden by exposing his Ukranian corruption, President Trump has revealed his preferred opponent in 2020.  It’s Elizabeth Warren, for a host of reasons.

Two weeks ago she promised to ban fracking “everywhere” on her first day in office.  This will cost her, at a minimum, the battleground states of Pennsylvania , Colorado and New Mexico.  Over 100,000 Pennsylvanians have good paying jobs in the fracking industry, and in 2015 it contributed over $44 billion to the state’s economy.  

New Mexico is one of the leading producers of oil and gas in the country.  Only because of fracking.  Without it, there wouldn’t be any significant oil and gas production.

Colorado contains  a large portion of the Permian shale deposit, and fracking is an important and growing part of the economy.  And it’s popular.  In November of 2018 56% of Colorado voters rejected a ban on fracking.

President Obama was no tool of the oil and gas industry.  But he was smart enough to realize that fracking was important to this country in a variety of ways.  Indeed, the fracking revolution blossomed during his Presidency.  Warren is way out of line on this one, even among Democrats.

On abortion, Warren is a shrill extremist.  She opposes any and every limit to it, even those supported by a majority of women.  This will soon become a hot topic on the campaign trail, since the Supreme Court is poised to take up state restrictions on abortion in the coming term. Roe v. Wade will not be reversed, but reasonable limits imposed by the states will likely be upheld.  Warren’s radical rejection of any restriction will be exposed and highlighted.

Her recent call for the impeachment of Justice Kavanaugh will be skillfully exploited by the Trump campaign.  At the appropriate time, this issue will resurface, and every woman who loves a father, son, brother or husband will realize what a man-hating fanatic she is.

Is she a gun grabber, like Beto O’Rourke?  Of course, and the NRA is very strong in places like Pennsylvania, New Mexico and Colorado.

Say what you want about doddering Joe Biden, he’s no Elizabeth Warren.  She’s far more extreme than Hillary Clinton, and just as repellent, in her own way.

Bring her on.