Welcome to Bozeman, Don

Don Trump is recently divorced, and no doubt has arranged for visitation with his twelve and five year old daughters, and his three boys, ages six to ten.

As an outdoorsman, he’ll want to introduce his children to the great outdoors, to camping, and fishing and hunting and skiing.  There’s no better place for all of that than Bozeman, Montana.

I’ve got just the place for him, built by a former IBM executive for summer vacations with his five grandchildren.  He had bedrooms for each of them, and the house is set up more as a summer home than a year round residence.  Beautiful view of the Bridgers, and just a few miles north of downtown.

Don’s already spent a fair amount of time in Bozeman, I expect.  It’s the home of his two best friends in Montana politics, Senator Steve Daines ( a favorite of his father’s) and Representative Greg “The Bodyslammer” Gianforte.  It’s a great town, and his kids will love it.

And for any young man with political ambition, Montana is prime.  And, of course, all the Trumps hate Democratic Senator Jon Tester.

It all adds up.

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