Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

Right after I met some Australians for the first time, they got into a brawl with a bunch of Germans at the Hofbrauhaus.  This was at the Oktoberfest in 1967.  They were like Americans, but with an accent.  They’re our first cousins, and our best and most natural friends in the world.  Having Aussie P. M. Scott Morrison and his wife for a state dinner is something that all Americans can be happy about.

There’s no reason Australians should have to get a visa to come to our country.  I think they should be able to stay as long as they want.  And I don’t know why I need a visa to go to Australia.  I’m sure I’d feel right at home there.

Maybe the President and the Prime Minister can cut a deal on this over dinner.

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