Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

Right after I met some Australians for the first time, they got into a brawl with a bunch of Germans at the Hofbrauhaus.  This was at the Oktoberfest in 1967.  They were like Americans, but with an accent.  They’re our first cousins, and our best and most natural friends in the world.  Having Aussie P. M. Scott Morrison and his wife for a state dinner is something that all Americans can be happy about.

There’s no reason Australians should have to get a visa to come to our country.  I think they should be able to stay as long as they want.  And I don’t know why I need a visa to go to Australia.  I’m sure I’d feel right at home there.

Maybe the President and the Prime Minister can cut a deal on this over dinner.

The next Trump

(the following appears in yesterday’s American Thinker)

American political dynasties follow certain rules, at the presidential level.  There is an interval between the presidencies of a dynasty, and each generation must have political achievements of their own.  The office has never been inherited.  That smacks of monarchy, which Americans have no use for.

John Quincy Adams served 28 years after his father, and was Secretary of State.  William Henry Harrison served 48 years before his grandson Benjamin.  There were eight years between the Bushes.

Would-be dynasties follow the same rules.  Bobby Kennedy ran five years after his brother’s assassination, and was a U. S. Senator from New York.  Hillary waited eight years after her husband’s presidency, and was Secretary of State.  Jeb! Bush also waited eight years, and had been governor of Florida.

The Republican candidate in 2024 will run on President Trump’s record, and if successful would serve for eight years.  So 2032 would be the election for Don Trump to run, if that is his ambition.  If he moves to Montana and beats incumbent Democratic Senator Jon Tester in 2024, he would have an achievement, and an eight year record, of his own.

The political machine President Trump has assembled, and is assembling, won’t be allowed to go to waste.  It will be put in the service of the Republican in 2024, and if properly attended to, will still be of value in 2032.  If President Trump’s administration continues its historic accomplishments, the name Trump will be political gold in 2032, and 55 year old Senator Don Trump of Montana would be the odds on favorite for the nomination.  His father would be 86.  A spry 86, no doubt.

There are some parallels between the Bush and Trump dynasties.  George W. got his start in elective politics by beating the incumbent Democratic Governor of Texas, Anne “Ma” Richards.  The Bushes all hated Richards.  At the 1988 Democratic Convention she was the keynote speaker, and her ridicule of Bush was cutting.  Ina thick Texas accent, she made fun of Bush’s clumsy way with words, saying,  “Poooooor Geoooooorge, he  can’t he’p it!  He was born wid a silver spoon in his mouth!”

If Don Trump starts in elective politics by taking out Tester, it would be doubly sweet for the whole Trump family.  Out of sheer malice, Tester killed the nomination of  Ronny Jackson to be Surgeon General.  Jackson was a Trump family favorite.  President Obama made him Physician to the President in 2013, and he was fine physician and a great guy.

So, as the President is fond of saying, we’ll see what happens.

Welcome to Bozeman, Don

Don Trump is recently divorced, and no doubt has arranged for visitation with his twelve and five year old daughters, and his three boys, ages six to ten.

As an outdoorsman, he’ll want to introduce his children to the great outdoors, to camping, and fishing and hunting and skiing.  There’s no better place for all of that than Bozeman, Montana.

I’ve got just the place for him, built by a former IBM executive for summer vacations with his five grandchildren.  He had bedrooms for each of them, and the house is set up more as a summer home than a year round residence.  Beautiful view of the Bridgers, and just a few miles north of downtown.

Don’s already spent a fair amount of time in Bozeman, I expect.  It’s the home of his two best friends in Montana politics, Senator Steve Daines ( a favorite of his father’s) and Representative Greg “The Bodyslammer” Gianforte.  It’s a great town, and his kids will love it.

And for any young man with political ambition, Montana is prime.  And, of course, all the Trumps hate Democratic Senator Jon Tester.

It all adds up.

The Case for Trump, in a Nutshell

For observant Jews and evangelical Christians  —  Israel,

For the working men and women of America  —  jobs,

For the producers  —  markets,

For the mothers and fathers of America  — peace,

For the never Trumpers  —  Ginsburg,

For nationalists  —  the wall,

For the environment  —  wealth,

For social conservatives  —  Kavanaugh,

For the investor class  — the market,

For patriots  —  strength,

And for hyphenated Americans of any origin, creed or color   — justice, or equality before the law.

Congratulations on your reelection, Bibi

I know more about the politics of the 2nd district of Maine than I do about Israel.  I’ll nonetheless predict the reelection of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu.  The Iranian proxies who attacked the Saudis have seen to that.

The President’s, and America’s, inner circle of friends includes the current leaders of Great Britain, Japan, Australia and Israel.  It’s in our national interest that they all succeed.

It’s America first, but not America alone.