Some guys just love to fight

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has to be the toughest guy in Congress.  He’s ready to take on the Turks, in defense of his friends the Kurds.  He’s a warrior, a real Captain America.  Some other old school Republicans are with him on this, but none are as tough as Lindsey.

Well, not really, not personally.  I doubt little Lindsey has ever been in an honest to God fight in his life.  What he wants is for your son to do the fighting for him.   Your boy could be killed or wounded, but Lindsey’s willing for you to pay that price.  Oh, you’ll also have to foot the bill for the money needed to do all this fighting.

It’s hard not to sympathize with the Kurds, but then it’s easy to sympathize with all kinds of downtrodden and threatened people all across the globe.  We’ve been in Syria lately to take out ISIS, and the Kurds benefited from our presence.  Our job is done, so it’s time to leave.

Since we don’t need any oil from the Mideast, we have no skin in this game.  Everybody in the region loathes everyone else, and war there will be constant far into the future.

But not with your son, or mine.  Not with Donald Trump as President.

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