Speak, Virginia

One month from now Virginians who care about their country will go to the polls.  The entire legislature, House and Senate, is up for election.  Republicans control both chambers by the slimmest of margins.  Former Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe is bragging the election is in the bag.

The people of Virginia need to send the Congress and the media a message.  They need to elect majorities of Republicans to their legislature.  The message delivered would be a vote of confidence in President Trump.

In wave elections, state legislatures become part of the wave.  You never see a party winning a national election big, and also lose state legislative seats.  So let Virginia be a marker for 2020.  And let the wave begin.

Trump won election by the smallest of margins.  For his work on behalf of the American people, he deserves a landslide reelection.

We’re counting on you, Virginia.

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