The People’s Champion

(This appears in today’s American Thinker.)

Over one and half million people have attended Trump rallies, and that many again will see him as he campaigns for reelection.  These people all have families, neighbors, friends and co-workers.  Having attended a Trump rally is akin to a religious experience.  The difference is that at a rally you celebrate your country, not the Lord.  But if you love your country as passionately as these crowds love the USA, it’s a very intense experience.

So these people share their experience, and the campaign for reelection begins to gain momentum.  As the Democrats bicker and drift further out of the political mainstream, President Trump rallies, expands, and energizes his base.

It’s a bit more than a year away, but the campaign to reelect President Donald Trump has begun.  All the omens point toward a true watershed election, one that marks the beginning of a political epoch.

Trump won’t be the only winner in that election.  The entire Republican Party will ride on his coattails.  From Congress to the state legislatures, a wave election will bring victories which will cement Republican majorities for the rest of the decade.  Reapportionment is on the ballot in 2020, and the Republican Governors and state legislators will use their majorities to good effect.

What will history call this new political epoch?  Will Trump, like Jackson, have an Age named for him?

As he likes to say, we’ll see what happens.

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