Drudge finally got a girl friend

Matt Drudge has a number of things going for him, but he’s never been a hit with the ladies.  He’s not an attractive man, and has never married in his 52 years.

His website, the Drudge Report, has just recently undergone a radical transformation.  All of a sudden, it’s an all out attack Trump platform.  V.P. Pence cut a deal with Turkey yesterday, which will hopefully avoid a bloody war in northern Syria.  Drudge hasn’t mentioned it.  This is astonishing.  The DR is always right on top of the latest news.

There’s only one explanation.  Drudge has a girl friend, and in order to keep her he has to be all in on Never Trump.  That’s her politics, so that’s his politics too.

He’s pussy whipped, plain and simple.

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